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We asian you'd also like Double youYou are on the population. Best way to explore up to study on this one is their meetup group Still Weekend This event I was more observed with for many years, but is after not twist in Shenzhen as far as I am having. Dyspepsia industries have emerged since then and we are hell at the foot of the infection. Now would be a long time, there are so many suggesting up all around this tag.

Again, hope more entrepreneurs can come out of shenxhen cubicles to take advantage of this — it is mainly geared towards benefitting the local Chinese entrepreneurs rather than laowai like me. Shenzhen is Known for Hardware This city is the center of the electronics hardware ecosystem, globally. That Let s get together tonight in shenzhen really worth at least a half day Leg, you can get lost in blocks and blocks of buildings that are jam packed with little vendors selling anything from PCB boards to mobile phones to solo wheels. Any kind of gadget or component you can think of — it is there. It is a 5 block radius big Radio Shack fonight least what Radio Shack used to be…. Many hardware enthusiasts get lost in this market dreaming up all kinds of new product ideas, buying a quantity as low as one piece and togegher go up to cartons and even get connected to the manufacturer to run thousands of pieces.

If you have any interest in hardware, you need to visit Hua Qiang Bei one time in your life at least! A coworking space just has desks and working area and some lounging. But a hackerspace will be more like your garage where you try to build a piece of hardware, you will have solders, cutting knives, all kinds of materials and almost what may seen as junk by your mom and chucked — but very useful little gadgets. Shenzhen Hackerspace Options Here are a few of the hackerspaces I know of, I have a feeling I am missing some so please let me know so I can keep this fresh! There are regular events too. They have a few different rooms, a big space with tons of equipment.

You can check them out at [ techspace. They now have two spaces in Beijing, and in April in a couple weeks as I write this they will open their third location, here in Shenzhen! I hear the opening party is on April fifth, you can check out about all the Tech Temple locations at [Techtemple. Just come in, by a coffee, and work! No need to pay a membership fee. Sometimes they have coworking and startup cafes in the same venue, so there might be some overlap here as you dig into these places and visit them. Many of the early Startup Weekend events were held there. Located in the South of High Tech park, it has more restaurants and establish technology companies around it, as well as in walking distance from two different subway lines.

Incubators This is a common question I am asked, where are the incubators in Shenzhen? Well here are the few that I am aware of, but many are popping up all over and if I missed some please let me know! Let s get together tonight in shenzhen is one I worked in when they first opened, as I was living nearby and looking for office space for Social Agent back in late It has been now a couple years and they have quite a large space, their own dedicated building two floor tall in the middle of an up and coming IT park in Shekou. Mostly focused on software startups. They also have their main and original location in Guangzhou.

Haxlr8r Haxlr8r is one I like, as it is the sister accelerator to Chinaccelerator, which I graduated from in batch 3, the year The site is www. Haxlr8r has had quite a few batches of hardware startups now, and has a new office right in the center of Hua Qiang Bei. They have their demo day in Silicon Valley and seem to have really figured out the right mix of China and Silicon Valley for their business model. Most of their facility and operations for the accelerator is in Silicon Valley, but they have a big presence in China from their product sourcing and factory partners.

I am not familiar exactly the model, but there is some requirements to use the factories PCH has relationships with as part of the program. Right inside the new chic PMQ they have multiple units on the fifth floor. Startup Events The glue for a startup community is the events.

Notes from Shenzhen — the next Greater Bay Area

It is normally the early stages of a community, when there are get togethers otgether mixers, and this is also how the Shenzhen startup community developed. The event names and organizers have come and gone over the years, as a natural progression and development of the community develops. I used to organize a lot of inn startup events, but retired a few years ago now that I am older and a father. It is this mindset that will never make me redundant Let s get together tonight in shenzhen the world because there will always be problems to solve. My friend, Steve Sammartinoin fact asks the question: Togethdr we are seeing in Shenzhen is 30 years of deliberate innovation.

Persistent, deliberate innovation that catalyses millions of people to forge new industries faster than the old ones expire. Each person playing their part over decades, contributes to a better future. In Shenzhen, there is no national outcry about the threat to fishing jobs. But, you might be surprised to understand that there were few startups to work for in No incubators or accelerators, few investors. A handful of startups emerged occasionally and struggled in private to resource a journey to first base. Mick Liubinskas and I founded Pollenizer to make that easier. We helped a first wave of Australian tech startups to solve problems for this country and the world. This wave discovered better, cheaper, faster, more fun ways to buy and sell, communicate, get a job, do a job… Today, as an innovation fabric, we have discovered a new way of working that applies an entrepreneurial method to problems — getting them solved at a scale and at a rate of change that matches the disruption of all things.

Today in Sydney alone, hundreds of startups are founded each year with a rich support network and a degree of sophistication and focus we have not seen before. And now the problems themselves — wonderfully — are harder to solve.

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